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Health and Safety Program

For VPL productivity and accident prevention go hand in hand. We have developed a prevention program to help prevent as many accidents and occupational illnesses as possible on our work sites. All subcontractors working on our sites are required to commit, in writing, to carry out their work in a safe manner according to the measures required by this program. They also have the duty to explain to their management personnel, as well as to their workers assigned to the site, all the relevant information contained in this program.

The involvement and collaboration of all is essential to improve health and safety in the workplace.


Harassment Policy

At VPL, we affirm that RESPECT is one of the FUNDAMENTAL values of the company and that behavior or words that could constitute harassment are not tolerated at any time within the company or in any location where its employees work.

In addition, each employee has the responsibility to contribute, through his or her conduct, to maintaining a healthy work environment free of psychological harassment.

The objective of this policy is to prevent and stop all forms of harassment in the workplace. It also contributes to demonstrating our position and that of the members of our management and executive teams. In this regard, we take the necessary steps to avoid and prevent harassment and we are committed to taking the necessary measures to put an end to all situations deemed inappropriate.

Maintaining a respectful and safe environment is a basic condition for the realization of our mission; this is why, in compliance with the laws in force, we offer all the necessary support to our employees.

Be a buddy, not a bully!

Work-life balance

Family is at the core of our operations and as a family business, it is important for us to adapt to the needs of each of our employees. Moreover, we are convinced that maintaining a good balance is the key to happiness and that employees who feel valued by implementing such measures remain loyal and more productive. For VPL, taking training in addition to implementing measures to promote work-life balance was essential. Because we have more than just employees; they’ re family!

We are very proud to be considered an employer of choice.

Work-Family Balance Outaouais (

Integrity Program

The VPL Glass and Aluminum Charter of Values represents an opportunity for us to demonstrate our commitment to the integrity program. We are committed to taking into consideration, in all aspects of our activities, the principles of respect and to demonstrate our commitment to sound governance. This is the expression of a voluntary approach to continuous improvement that goes beyond legal requirements.

One of VPL’s goals is to inform and educate in order to promote good business practices and healthy competition. Our company wishes to lead by example by seizing the opportunity offered to be a forerunner in terms of governance in Canada, through the quality of our projects and through our business practices of integrity.

The ACQ Integrity Program provides us with management tools and business processes that allow us to anticipate and manage ethical risks within our organization. It is a unique approach in Quebec.

Thank you for taking a few moments to fill out the questionnaire and thus contribute to our constant quest for continuous improvement.

All clients, partners, suppliers, employees, etc. are invited to report their concerns as soon as possible so that VPL Inc. can quickly put in place corrective measures. These measures will make it possible to minimize the prejudice that may result from the situation and, in the best case, to set up preventive measures in order to reduce the negative impact of the consequences on the organization.