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A Word from the president.

It is thanks to the knowledge that my grandfather, an expert glazier, and the teachings that my father, a 2nd generation expert glazier, passed on to me, that I have been able to build, since 1994, a company worthy of mention.

The construction industry is constantly evolving, and I am proud to say that thanks to our vision of continuous improvement, VPL Glass and Aluminum has been able to adapt to all these changes, both positive and negative. To be able to contribute to the economic growth of our region is an immense privilege.

We have, over time, refined our work and manufacturing methods to ensure that each of our deliverables are of superior quality. Thanks to our faultless work procedures, the company quickly positioned itself among the largest in the field.

At VPL, employees are part of the family, and we are constantly looking out for their well-being by offering them the opportunity to grow within the company. Being future-oriented, we want to ensure the company’s sustainability by training the next generation to become the fourth generation of VPL’s expert glaziers. Many thanks to all our committed employees who constantly contribute to our success; their dedication is a real asset.

In addition to celebrating a quarter-century of operation in 2019, we have completed a second phase of expansion of our premises in order to continue to offer unparalleled service and to pursue our goal of being and remaining the benchmark in architectural glass and aluminum.

Navigating through our site will allow you to enter our universe while discovering more about our specialty.

Looking forward to working with you!

Yours sincerely,
Pierre Latreille

Head office.

About us

Our company has been involved in the aluminum and commercial architectural glass industry in the National Capital Region for over three decades. Our experience and the excellence of our service are our main assets; we have the expertise to meet all your needs in the field of architectural products. In order to offer a service beyond your expectations, we carefully select the products, the systems and the manufacturers we work with and remain proactive in order to stay abreast of the latest developments on the market .

“LIMITLESS” is our source of inspiration. Recognized for our harmonious business relationships, our corporate mission is inspired by our personal values: “to ensure that the products we install today will meet the requirements of tomorrow! “

Our team.


Pierre Latreille, President

Our operational approach is directly linked to our vision and values. Our clients’ satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, because they are at the heart of all our decisions. Thanks to a multidisciplinary team of committed professionals, our clients are assured of a positive experience, regardless of the expert they interact with.

Pierre Latreille


Since its incorporation in 1994, Pierre has been working rigorously in the company to offer clients the best possible solutions in the industry. With a keen sense of business, he demonstrates it by the increased and constant growth of the company. As a glazier by trade, his knowledge of the products on the market and his experience have largely contributed to the notoriety of his company. Being part of the third generation of glaziers, architectural glass no longer holds any secrets for the Latreille.

Recognized and respected by architects and clients, he is also very involved in his community. Appreciated by his employees, he takes the next generation to heart and acts as a coach to new glaziers and ensures the transfer of his knowledge to the new generation. Through his presence and experience, he inspires and directs the company’s strategic planning and ensures its execution.

Jacqueline Frenette

Chief Executive Officer

Co-owner of VPL Glass and Aluminum, Jacqueline holds the position of Chief Executive Office of the company. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, she acts as a strategic advisor and assists the president in carrying out the projects entrusted to VPL. Jacqueline is committed to the economic development of the region and is very active in the business community.

Involved in the establishment and execution of the company’s strategy, she participates in the development and implementation of policies. A team player, enthusiastic and determined, she ensures the maintenance of operations, both financially and operationally.

Christopher Frenette


Thanks to his experience and management skills, Christopher ensures the quality of the service and the products installed. A key employee for several years, he works closely with the president. In partnership with the Project Managers, he supervises the management of projects entrusted to VPL Glass and Aluminum. A glazier by trade, Christopher stands out for his integrity and his harmonious relations with the installation team and customers. Proactive and visionary, his positive attitude allows him to maintain long-lasting relationships with suppliers, partners and customers; an asset for the company!

Steve Sirois

Sales Director

Steve brings a whole new dynamic to the company. Fast and meticulous by nature, he responds to customer requests with precision and in a timely manner. Having worked in the field of commercial estimating for several years, his knowledge of architectural and glass products is an asset. Focused on service quality, he ensures that customers are satisfied with their experience with VPL Glass and Aluminum. As a resource person, he works closely with all suppliers to ensure that products meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers. Involved in all phases of project management, his flexible and open approach brings undeniable added value to the company.

Mission, Vision, Values.

At VPL, our mission is to give you the assurance that the products we install today will meet the requirements of tomorrow! It is based on the timeless quality of our work and is perfectly aligned with our long-term vision.

The vision of VPL Inc. is to become THE LEADER, and THE REFERENCE, of commercial glazing in the National Capital Region and is based on “SEEING FAR BEYOND“.

We take our values to heart and they are proudly displayed on our premises. VPL has five main founding values including:

QUALITY is associated with the pride we take in our work; it is present at all times in our service before, during and after the completion of a project.

For us, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, from the beginning to the end of a project, is paramount. We make sure to offer, at all times, an outstanding service while adapting to the needs of each of our customers.

TEAM SPIRIT refers to collaboration, cooperation and teamwork. We are one big family, so helping each other is at the heart of our concerns.

The importance that VPL places on PROFESSIONALISM is palpable in our relationships. This value is even reflected in the presentation of our products as well as in our knowledge and skills.

As much with our customers as with our employees, and even with our competitors, the watchword is RESPECT. All VPL employees are, at all times, required to be respectful of the company’s assets and of rules of any kind.

Awards and distinctions

  • CGC 2017 Excel’or Finalists – SME of the Year 16-49 employees
  • CGC 2018 Excel’or Award Winner – Construction Industry Company